11.1 Digital Devices

You will learn all about the different digital devices that are used for different reasons.


Success Criteria

Time Frame

1 - 1.5 Lessons
1. Identify a range of digital devices.
2. Describe the main uses of digital devices with some reasoning.
3. Discuss the main  uses and benefits of digital devices.
1 Lesson
1. Identify the  tablet which is the  most portable?
2. Identify a devise that is suitable for a particular person and explain why?
3.Discuss different factors to consider for different target audiences
1-2 Lessons
1. State why a particular storage method is more suitable than another.
2.Explain  the difference between a processor, internal and flash memory.
3. Compare the advantages of using one storage method over another.
1 Lesson
1.List three types of peripheral devices.
2.Describe different input and output devices.
3. Discuss different types of peripheral devices   and what they are used for.
1 Lesson
1Identify different features of a camera, camcorder and media player.
2.Describe the features of a camera, camcorder and media player.
3.,Discuss the features of a camera, camcorder and media player.
1 Lesson
1. Define the terms VOIP,IMAP,SMTP,HTTP/S.
2. Explain security risks to data & how to reduce them.
3.Explain how POP protocol is different from IMAP when retrieving email.
1 Lesson

1. Define connectivity.

2. Describe different ways of connecting to the internet.

3. Explain the difference between bandwidth and Latency

1-2 Lessons
1-2 Lessons
1-2 Lessons
2 Lessons